What are Predictions / Horoscopes?

What will the future hold in store for me? A professional astrologer can calculate dates for future events, tell you what area in your life will be highlighted. What will the year ahead bring for me? What’s my horoscope? What are my transits? How is my health for the year ahead? Will I get a promotion at work next year? A Sydney Astrologer can make predictions for your future by calculating dates when certain events will happen.

Card reading by a psychic can indicate certain events but not give you dates when these will happen. A professional astrologer is calculating the dates when aspects are formed and then consults with the client about possible events. This can be an emphasizing/highlighting aspect, bringing things to fruition; a favorable aspect making it easy to achieve a goal; or a stressful aspect, bringing obstacles or delays to overcome.

What my Prediction / Horoscope for the Future service includes:

Transits and Progressions: talking about the year ahead, what you can expect and which opportunities you may get. The horoscope for the future also informs you about upcoming cycles. Before you come in, a table with cycles and dates will be prepared, to help you make important choices and decisions. To inform you about oncoming changes, so you are prepared and can weather any situation in life with a different perspective. Once you had your natal chart read and want to know what’s up in the year ahead, this astrological check-up is for you. A perfect birthday present. This is a one hour personal or phone consultation.

Methods used for Prediction / Future Horoscope:

There are many techniques to do forecasts, to predict the year ahead for a client.Transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, lunar returns to mention just a few techniques or tools a professional astrologer uses.

It is important to realize that life happens in cycles and is the skill of an astrologer to interpret such life cycles and symbols for the client. 

A famous cycle for instance is the Saturn return. It is the time transiting Saturn takes to circumvent your natal chart. Typically Saturn takes approx. 28,5 years to circumvent a natal chart and arrive at its natal position i.e. to form a conjunction with Natal Saturn. This is invariable a time of maturity where a person has completed all areas of life and starts a new cycle.

How does a Horoscope for the Future work?

A modern astrologer/ psychological astrologer/ western astrologer will not do fortune telling or fixed predictions. In my opinion this is very unhealthy. A person has a free will and with the help of astrology counseling/consultations can be made aware of weak points in the birth chart, possible compensation methods and will be shown a way how to overcome these obstacles. When a strong transit happens, it will have much less impact, or to the contrary, will actually benefit the client to guide him into the right life direction.

It is all about aspects:

Planets are always in motion/ on the move. They do not stay stagnant, it is a dynamic process. So your birth chart /your planets are always in motion/ on the move. They do not stay stagnant, it is a dynamic process. So your birth chart / natal chart evolves into a progressed chart / dynamic chart as you age and evolve as a person. Your natal chart is always applicable and needs to be established first.

The motion of the planets are called transits. When a transiting planet makes an aspect to  one of your natal planets once in a while, a sensitive point has been touched and this can cause a reaction or change of circumstances. (An aspect is a relationship measured in degrees of arc between 2 planets, in this case between a transiting planet and a natal planet). It is essential the client has a consultation about his birth chart/ natal chart / astrology chart first. Since it is important what messages or promises there are in a natal chart. Even the most difficult transits will have little impact if it is not promised in the natal chart.

What does that mean? If you are not inclined to react to certain triggers, a transit has little effect. However if the transiting planet touches a sore point in the chart, big changes could come.

How does Prediction help me?

Forewarned is forearmed is a common phrase. If you know a difficult time is coming, you now have time to prepare. Examples: you might want to open a new business, or take considerable financial risk – but you might be in a phase of your life, where you should rather finish all the open tasks and only start a new venture a little later.Take control of your life and know in which cycle you are and what is ahead of you.

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