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We offer 30-minute or one-hour sessions.

Birth Chart Reading/ Love Chart Reading / Vocational Guidance Consultation:

Working with Maite, the initial session is one hour

This session is all about your natal chart and understanding the overall implication of Astrology in who you are and your life.

Our journey together, much like your own journey, starts at the moment of your birth. After analyzing the time and place of your birth we will create a detailed natal chart that will give you a wealth of information about the perfect ways your life was created for your growth, upliftment, and learning.

Horoscope Readings:

Once you have had the initial session, Maite can then look at the planetarian transits and how they can affect you and your natal chart. That session lasts 30 minutes. It is a very helpful session to have when you are experiencing changes in your life, whether they seem good or bad. Maite will work with you to understand and work with many aspects and dynamics of your life and the life you wish to create. Astrology can be a useful and precise guide to things like working through difficult situations, starting a business, understanding relationships, healing from traumatic situations, and understanding planetary dynamics in relation to your life.

*Note: we charge by 30 min blocks only.

You can have a longer session than 30 minutes after the initial one-hour session, and we will charge you for the extra 30 minutes remaining after the end of the session.

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