What is a Love Horoscope?

It is also called SYNASTRY, chart comparison, horoscope compatibility chart or combined chart. A love chart compares the nature and compatibility of two people. Be it between lovers, partners, friends, family members, employer, employee, etc.

The astrologer erects 2 astrology charts and puts them together; there are various methods to do that.

You might read in the newspaper that i.e. a Pisces sun sign goes well with a Scorpio sun sign. This is very superficial and not necessarily true, since it matters how the sun/moon and the other 8 planets relate to the partner’s astrology chart. A professional chart interpretation goes well beyond star sign reading or sun sign reading.

What does my Love Horoscope / Love Chart service include:

Synastry: Relationship Analysis – Here 3 charts need to be prepared before you come in. One for each partner and one for the relationship as a separate entity.

How does a Love Horoscope work?

First the astrologer erects an individual astrology birth chart / natal chart for each person. He then evaluates the love and relationship potential of each person. Why? because people have different reasons for relationships. Some are better off living at two separate addresses and only share the fun times. Others really need intimacy and a strong connection, others again are mainly concerned about security. For some it is fantasy and romance.

The astrologer evaluates the different needs of both parties. This cannot be done with a computer but a professional is required.

Then a third chart, a love chart / love horoscope is erected where both horoscopes are integrated, compared and evaluated.

There you can see whether a compatibility is mainly about sex or whether it is karmic or simply just friendship.

How does a Love Horoscope help me?

Astrology is a valuable tool in the understanding of human relationships. With the help of a professional Sydney Astrologer you can learn to understand the other person. Learn about their nature, motivation, love potential, their values. Such a natal chart comparison can be used for an employer seeking to engage the ideal person for a certain task. It can help family members to understand and get to know each other better and of course, it really helps to choose the right partner.

You may learn about the danger of manipulation and domination! You can see whether there is enough commitment for a marriage to last. You also see whether a person is likely to have multiple marriages, or is likely to get divorced. You learn about co-dependence. You learn how to communicate better, which is most essential in a successful relationship.

All in all a consultation with an astrologer about your love horoscope can improve your relationship by understanding your partner and yourself better.

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