What is an Astrology Birth Chart / Natal Chart / Horoscope?

An astrology chart is an elaborate way to look at a person, place or event. To erect a birth chart or natal chart you need a date of birth, geographical place of birth and time of birth. With the help of an ephemeris an astrologer erects a natal chart or astrology chart. With this birth chart it is possible to gain insight into your past, present and realize your potential in a clear, easy to understand discussion of your horoscope.


These sessions offer detailed information about relationships, career, finances, plus your strengths and hidden talents. An overview of the key areas of your life activated for the next several months will also be provided. Nowadays this elaborate work is done with the help of computer programs, but it will never replace the art and skill of chart interpretation, astrology chart reading, learned by a professional astrologer.

What my Birth Chart / Natal Chart / Horoscope service includes:

Your natal birth chart will be prepared before we do the session. This is a road map for your life. Some karmic pathway is included. Then there is a one hour personal (if you are in Los Angeles) OR Skype/phone consultation.

How does an Astrology Birth Chart / Natal Horoscope work?

This astrology chart will show the relationships between 8 planets and the Sun and Moon (the lights). It is called aspects between planets. These relationships can be easy going or stressed. It is these aspects or relationships between planets and celestial bodies that the professional astrologer interprets into a story of life for the client in an astrology reading, providing an actual roadmap to navigate through life. You can see, it is far more involved that sun sign astrology.

How can an Astrology Birth chart / Natal Horoscope help me?

A natal chart / birth chart is the foundation and the starting point of a series of consultations. You need a natal chart first before you do predictions or chart comparisons with other persons. It is a psychological analyses and personality profile giving clear insight. It helps to understand yourself and those around you better. 

Through that it makes decisions easier, gives assurance and security, you feel less anxious because you now have a roadmap and you know where you are heading.

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