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Finding a good Astrologer is hard. They need the skills, knowledge, experience and intuition necessary to read the Stars and give an accurate Astrology Reading.

Not everyone can do that. Not everyone has the experience and intuition to tap into the invisible, the unknown and wisdom that the Stars and Planets have.

Look no further because Maite is your Gal. She has astonished and impressed so many with her readings that Astrology is like second nature to her. Maite is located in Los Angeles.

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Hey there! I'm Maite, Your Astrologer.

Maite brings a unique synthesis of traditional astrology, eastern philosophy, and personal development to support her clients’ growth and achievement of meaningful success.

She has practiced astrology for more than 20 years, studying with some of the most well known and respected astrologers in the world, including Jean Pierre Nicolas, Alexander Ruperti, and Dorothee Koechlin de Bizemont.

Maite is also a Master Practitioner in NLP and has a Certificate in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminar and College of Philosophy.


In addition to astrology she spent 20 years coaching c-level executives and their teams on management, productivity, and marketing strategy. She now lives in Los Angeles.

"I was born in Argentina, I grew up in Spain, I studied in France where I lived in several cities. I have traveled a lot in several countries and maybe that's why, my anchor, my fixed point has been since I was a child, the stars."


How The Astrology Readings Work

Astrologer with 20 years experience doing Birth Charts Horoscopes

You could have a reading done for yourself, your couple, your child, your business partnerships or your actual business. Astrology is applied to many areas and subjects. If you are not sure whether something could be done, please reach out with the contact form and Maite your Astrologer will examine your request.

First, there is an initial reading to review the Birth Chart.

This session is all about understanding the overall implication of Astrology in whom the subject is and their life's purpose.


Let's take yourself as an example:

Our journey together, much like your own journey, starts at the moment of your birth. After analyzing the time and place of your birth, Maite will come up with a detailed birth chart that will give you a wealth of information about the perfect ways your life was created for your growth, upliftment, and learning.

Then, Maite is able to look at the Horoscope and more specifically the planetarian transits and how they can affect you and your birth chart.

It is a very helpful session to have when you are experiencing changes in your life, whether they seem good or bad.

Maite will work with you so you have a better understanding of how all these changes are affecting you in the deepest ways possible. She will also work with you around many aspects and dynamics of your life and the one you wish to create.

Astrology can be a useful and precise guide to things like working through difficult situations, starting a business, understanding relationships, healing from traumatic situations, and understanding planetary dynamics in relation to your life.

Readings can be both done in Spanish and English. Maite is a top rated Astrologer located in Los Angeles.

Astrology - a roadmap for your life done by an Astrologer

A personal chart cast according to time and place of birth contains our soul’s program, which we have brought into this life. A chart is an excellent method, to recognize very precisely the creative potential, especially talents, duties and thought patterns. A good Astrologer will be able to tell you all of this.
It indicates the direction and the goal our innermost being is longing for.



  • An astrological analysis is also a tool for vocational guidance, to the tasks or professions that resonate within us; the duties that challenge us, and bring out our full potential because we enjoy doing them.
    It helps us to understand and accept our partners better and to further our children according to their talents and abilities.

  • It shows how to achieve material security and how certain places of domicile or countries can further our development and growth.

  • It is a fantastic tool to determine a good timing for the achievement and to realize professional tasks or personal goals and with which activities we are able to plan a successful future.

  • For business people it can offer strategies to optimize economic success.
    The aim of my consultations is, to show you how you can determine the direction of your life. Once you yourself have recognized your unique individuality, where your strengths and talents lie, then you hold the key for a meaningful life filled with love.

How can Astrology help me?

Astrology – understanding yourself

Astrology provides powerful tools for self discovery, healing and personal growth. It can save you many sessions with a therapist, since the root cause can be found fairly quickly. Finding the root of a medical problem or the key issues holding you back overall. A good Astrologer will be able to perceive the causes with their knowledge and intuition paired together.

Astrology solving issues such as:

• Achieving happiness alone and together

• Depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies

• Alcohol food and drug abuse

• Anger, frustration, resentment


• Joblessness, lack of ambition and initiative


• Fear, anxiety, phobias and inhibitions


• Illness, pain, old age, death and dying


• Spiritual peace and awareness


• Relationship problems

• Materialism, greed and selfishness


• Realistic career goals and action plans

Astrology can answer your questions:

• Are you about to decide on a life-change?


• Would you like some help in decisions about profession or private affairs?


• Would you like to better understand yourself and other people?

• Are you looking for a meaningful life?


• Would you like to understand why certain events happened and how; and when they did?


• Do you ponder over why situations in your life repeat themselves?

• Are you interested in the psychological aspects of health and illness?


• Do you ask yourself which aspects of your life make you sick?

• Do you ask yourself what kind of relationship dynamics exist between you and your partner / children / family?


• Would you like to better understand your child or children to further their talents?

Personal, or phone session by Maite the Astrologer in Los Angeles

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An astrology birth chart is an elaborate way to look at a person, place or event.
Read more here about birth chart / natal chart.

A love chart or love horoscope compares the nature and compatibility of two people.
Read more here about love horoscope / love chart.

A professional astrologer is able to calculate dates for future events, tell you what area in your life will be highlighted. Read more here about prediction / horoscope for the future.

Very useful for parents and teachers to guide the child according to its needs.

Read more here about baby birth chart report.

Very useful for parents and teachers to guide the child according to its needs.

Read more here about baby birth chart report.

Would you like an Astrology Reading?

What kind of Astrology Reading are you interested in?
Who is this for?

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